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Dementia has no boundaries!

Imagine having to live with a health condition that is mostly misunderstood - even by physicians – highly stigmatized, and for which there is no known cure. Such is the case for over 5 million Americans living with forms of dementia such as Alzheimer's or Lewy Body disease that are all progressive. Dementia has no boundaries. It affects individuals of all education and income levels, across both genders, all ethnicities and ages from 20's on up.

Because many people in America do not really understand dementia symptoms, they inadvertently minimize or dehumanize a person with the condition. There is a real fear about dementia and misunderstandings greatly diminish countless opportunities for individuals with dementia to continue to experience purpose and joy in their daily lives. Life is meant to be lived!

The Dementia Action Alliance would like to introduce you to an individual who is living with dementia, Laurie Scherrer. Laurie is managing her dementia symptoms with a proactive spirit and is helping others by dispelling the many misunderstandings in our society with grace and humor.

One in nine individuals age 65 and older has dementia AND the diagnosis of dementia doesn't just affect older adults. Everyday more and more people in their 40's and 50's are learning they have dementia. Besides the individual, dementia impacts the entire family. If you are not personally affected, it is very likely you may know someone who is.

Time is of the essence to spread more understanding throughout our nation as baby boomers are swelling the number of people affected and overwhelming an already unprepared nation. The Dementia Action Alliance is bringing people together, including those living with dementia and their families, to create a better society for everyone affected by dementia.

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